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Upcoming projects


Yang Zhenzhong

Art from China: video, photo, sculpture, objects

Multimedia installation

The desire to challenge normative notions of social behavior informs the practices of Yang Zhenzhong's work. He is pre-occupied with China’s intrinsic disharmony and severe contrasts, and he often touches upon taboos such as death and out-grown societal patterns. His approach is rather metaphorical than narrative. His videos often start from witty ideas, using the repetition of images and the rhythmic coordination of sound, language and image.




Return of the First Man. Re-volution of Meanings. Multimedia exhibition

Screen: Wood Floaters by Kirill Makarenkov

Plasma panels: videoart in the format of monologues and dialogues drawn upon poetry and memoirs of the early XXth century

Media installations: by Electroboutique (A.Chernyshev, A.Shulgin)

Man in the XXth century – a suffering subject of capitalist alienation? A specter of the spirit of conciliarity? A maker of social revolution?




Zhan Wang. My Personal Universe

Multimedia installation: video on 6 screens (HD footage from six different angles at 2000 frames per second), 5000 stainless-steel sculpture, documentary

Zhan Wang re-imagines the first millisecond of the universe’s genesis to its present evolved state, articulating this momentous event in an exhibition through an artistic process whose scale seemed to mirror its colossal significance.




Marco Brambilla. Evolution


2010, 3D high-definition blue-ray DVD, colour, sound, dimensions variable, edition of 8

In this magnificent, large-scale, stereoscopic, 3-D video collage, media artist Marco Brambilla presents a scrolling mural