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ArtConcept presents program of multimedia exhibitions under the title All History is Contemporary History.


Being interdisciplinary, the program aims to investigate the intersections of history, science, technical progress on the territory of contemporary art.


Special focus is on the opposition cultural vs. natural and its ramifications on the human condition nowadays. The ensuing crisis of modern man will be the point of departure for a few explorations into controversies of classical and industrial societies, a rupture with tradition, a correlation of degeneration and sociopolitical decay.


Science-based approach, visual data and theoretical underpinnings of innovative research are integral to multimedia exhibits, comprising video art, documentary and experimental cinema, installations, animation, as well as classical medium of drawing.


Politics as being, political interaction of people, alienation of the individual from society and in relation to labor cannot but form a central axis for contemporary art expressions. This can be done through synergetic perspective drawn upon vestiges and witnesses from the fields of history, evolution, culture, scientific theory and practice.


Zhan Wang. My Personal Universe


Multimedia installation: video on 6 screens (HD footage from six different angles at 2000 frames per second), 5000 stainless-steel sculpture, documentary


Zhan Wang re-imagines the first millisecond of the universe’s genesis to its present evolved state, articulating this momentous event in an exhibition through an artistic process whose scale seemed to mirror its colossal significance. As the dominant scientific explanation for the origin of the universe, the Big Bang theory hypothesises that all matter and energy existed in an infinitely small point of infinite density, and in an inexplicable moment, began to expand outward continuously, forming the vast cosmos as we know today. Drawn to the concept of initial states of being, Zhan sought to evoke the earliest moments of our universe through a carefully planned explosion of a boulder in China’s mountainous Shandong province, recording the blast and its aftermath in a two-minute film capturing the event in extreme slow motion. Collecting all 5000 fragments of pulverised rock, Zhan made stainless steel replicas of each one, suspending them in the exact formation in which they landed after exploding.

My Personal Universe – an extremely complex artistic endeavor - presents a kind of contemporary cosmogony, modern science doing nothing more than mythologizing the genesis of cosmos and other things hardly intelligible for an ordinary man. My Personal Universe tries to regain the experiencing of sublime, which is equally rare in arts and science nowadays. It enables distancing from the absorbing life current and breaking through the time towards cosmos and history.