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ArtConcept Exhibitions & Art Management is a commissioning organization that deals with contemporary art and its politics. We collaborate with artists, curators and thinkers to research, realize and programme.


ArtConcept maintains a unique mission, which is to mediate between professionals and the general public and interconnect people’s perspectives, thus taking on the role of cultural producer of public interests. Special emphasis is placed upon engaging the secondary school children and youth in the arts.


The particular focus of ArtConcept is multimedia projects, drawn upon visual arts-based moving image work, e.g. experimental film, video art, installation art, personal documentary, essay films and animation. Graphic works are integral to the projects, being essential to the development and consumption of meaning. Each new project is a set of contiguous exhibitions, events, acts of publishing and interaction.


ArtConcept launches a program of exhibitions, art events, publications and on-line activities under the title All History is Contemporary History scheduled for years 2012-2013. The program aims to investigate the ways in which contemporary art intersects with history, science and politics, being truly interdisciplinary.


ArtConcept aims to collaborate nationally and internationally, enhancing Russian audience’s awareness of the international art scene, at different venues and sites. International artists are brought to Russia and Russian artists are presented in Europe and other parts of the world.


Audience engagement is crucial for the evolution of the program and organisation. The regular auctions are held to give audience the opportunity to acquire the artworks (drawings, videos, documentary etc), which come from the projects realised. Those artworks do have an ‘added value’, being a part of resonant critical practice, and help us to support further Commissions.